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BÀO Tea House found its roots in mainland China where the founders fell in love with the culinary culture and the potential it possessed. When we moved to New York City, we saw the perfect opportunity to combine China’s traditional food culture with a modern New York touch and provide it to anyone who may want it. This led to the opening of our first location in Greenwich Village and the creation of our brand, which is comprised of two main components, bao and tea. Bao, or bun, is a staple in traditional Chinese food. With a few changes to the baking technique, we were able to make the texture crunchier, and thereby making it more appealing to a broader audience and unique to New York City. The second part of our brand is our tea. We strive to provide our customers with high-quality tea is a healthy, tasty, and convenient substitute for coffee.




When we began BÀO Tea House, we came in determined to fix the problem that was the lack of access to bao and tea in New York City. Since then, we have continuously grown and are constantly working towards our goal of making quality bao just as ubiquitous as the French croissant and the New York bagel. We are privileged to serve you and stand by our commitment to provide quality bao and tea to our valued customers.

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